Scientific Program

Congress working languages: Russian, Kyrgyz, English

Main Topics

  • Birth control strategy in Kyrgyzstan

  • Childish HIV/AIDS problem, the questions of prevention of mother-to-child transmission

  • Clinical guidelines for childhood diseases diagnostics, treatment and prevention

  • Current issues of formation of embedded stereotypes concerning healthy lifestyle

  • Emergency obstetric and neonatal care, anaesthetic problems in obstetrics

  • Extragenital pathology and pregnancy

  • Medical and social problems in pediatrics

  • Nutrition of healthy and sick child

  • Organizational and clinical aspects of specialized and high-technology aid for children

  • Preventive vaccination in pediatrics

  • Primary medical care for children: ambulatory, hospital, first aid and emergency

  • Problems of childish mortality and disability

  • Regional peculiarities of state of health and medical care models for children (high-altitude pediatrics)

  • Scientific and practical aspects of the development of preventive trend in pediatrics

  • Suppurative-septic complications and infection control in obstetric institutions

  • The current state of the service of mother and child care of CIS countries

  • The problems of intensive care, intensive treatment, developmental care and complex aftercare of children with low, very low and extremely low birth weight

  • The questions of juridical ethics in pediatrics

  • The questions of restorative medicine and complex aftercare in pediatrics

  • The role of educational programmes in mother and child care

  • The role of social and international organizations in mother and child care

  • The role of telemedicine in patients’ achievement and maintaining the disease control: distance education, remote consultation and teleconferences

  • The state and problems of antenatal care

  • Women of childbearing age state (reproductive health and rights)


    Professors and lecturers, pediatricians, research scientists of specialized research institutions, specialists of public health organizations, doctors of school and pre-school educational institutions of CIS countries and non-CIS countries that have significant results of scientific researches on the Congress and on the conference subjects are invited to take part in the work of the Congress and the conference.